GEOCONSEIL is an enterprise of geotechnical investigation and research in the sphere of soil mechanics as well as geology applied to construction and planning.

  • We totally master the reconnaissance tool.
  • We direct in situ and laboratory investigations.
  • We provide result interpretation through research and size estimates of the shallow and deep foundations
  • We master the remote sensing of the deep foundations using the mechanical independence, the micro seismic parallel and the sound transparency methods.
  • We also take action in the sphere of built and developed areas researching, the land’s own stability and soil-structure interactions.
  • Consulting before the acquisition of land, including or not a brief reconnaissance such as geophysical.
  • Preliminary study including a general reconnaissance in order to direct the designers of a project implementation.
  • Adaptation study based on the characteristics preliminary to the project.
  • Project optimization with a design team.
  • Project management commissioning for foundation works, special works and development.
  • Technical assistance and consulting to the project owner or the enterprise.
  • Control of the completion or reception of the earthworks.
  • Sites or works instrumentation, data follow up and interpretation